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GQ Blanco Freestyle: Indie Review

Introducing GQ Blanco

Harlem native GQ Blanco released the visuals for his Ain’t been around the world freestyle. A lyrical round-up of his struggles growing up in streets of New York. “Momma had sickle cell, I ain’t really have my pops. I made it through the struggle, I had to persevere.” He raps midway through the track. Though the content can be grim but he delivers it upbeat infusing it with a sense of hopefulness rather than self-loathing. You can check out the video below.



Blanco is from East Harlem, also known as El Bario because of its strong Puerto Rican culture. When asked about the challenges he has had to face as an up and coming artist Blanco didn’t shy away from revealing his past struggles.

“The biggest challenge as an artist is everything I been through; My moms’ barely being there because she was sick, getting heartbroken trying to find love in a beautiful woman, losing apartments, being homeless without a dollar to my name.”

Many of these challenges he expressed are echoed through his music. However, Blanco didn’t surrender to his grim reality. He has a shockingly optimistic view of himself and where he is going. Something every new artist will need if they want to succeed in the music industry.

Musical Influences

Blanco references Meek Mill as his biggest musical inspiration because he can “relate to where he is coming from.”

“I listen to 1942 Flows and Save Me by him on the regular because I really tried to please a bi**h and (it) really almost drove me crazy!”

Though it’s not only the women problems he can relate to with Meek, the things he has seen in the streets has also impacted his music and him as a person.

“Those nights in the hood are really different. All the Sh*t I done seen with my own eyes and been through would drive someone crazy.”

He releases these visuals ahead of his debut project B)ecoming A)lot G)reater.  After what you’ve heard so far are you going to give it a listen? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

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